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2022 Programs & Events

2022 Programs & Events

Lorain: Portrait of a City Project

The Lorain: Portrait of a City project is a two-year program that features both traditional and non-traditional “portraits” of Lorain, with multiple components. The program emphasizes arts-based storytelling related to the history of Lorain, its’ people, and the community with a public art component that celebrates the community and work of the project and its participants.

An arts education/enrichment project, the focus is on working with local artists that teach and mentor high school and college artists apprentices in the creation of a work of art that tells the story of Lorain.  The “portraits” created as part of Lorain: Portrait of a City will utilize traditional and experimental media, including painting, photography, video, murals, gallery installations, projection, fashion, and puppet making. Throughout the creative process, we will challenge what constitutes a portrait and how we honor and express the essence of Lorain. Apprentice participants will also create related independent art projects under the guidance of the mentor/teaching artists.


FireFish Artist Board Member Jeff Pye and the START W/ART program focus on creating painted portraits of notable people from Lorain for the “Lorain: Portrait of a City” project. Local student artists will collaborate with Lorain artists to create these portraits.


Patterns of Time

FireFish Arts “Patterns of Time” quilts together Lorain’s culture in a large-scale kaleidoscopic art projection in downtown Lorain from February 12th through the 26th. A visually exciting interactive outdoor digital projection by Visionary and New Media Artist Ross Bochnek. Inspired by the garments featured annually in Lorain’s International Festival, this large-scale public kaleidoscopic event visually “quilts” together the many cultural and ethnic groups of Lorain in a large-scale art projection on the corner of Broadway Avenue and 7th Street.

Using visuals inspired by both textiles and the contributions of diversity to the community, “Patterns of Time” creates a dancing digital fabric stitched and woven together into a geometric transformation. Creating an almost dizzying incandescence, “Patterns of Time” reflects on both the past and the future of Lorain’s International City. The projection includes 1970’s era photos of the parade’s traditional clothing, people, and downtown Lorain, all scanned from the archives of the Lorain Historical Society.

Images included in “Patterns of Time” are from the Lorain International Festival photographs in the John Milas Collection courtesy of Lorain Historical Society and


PULP: Fold, Rip, Draw, Print

FireFish Arts is pleased to announce a group exhibition exploring the creative possibilities of paper as the primary means of artistic expression held in downtown Lorain from March 18th through the 25th. This will include origami, printmaking, installation, drawing as well as new and inventive ways of working with paper. The show is co-curated by Jason Shaffer and Ryan Craycraft who will both be participating in the exhibition.

Participating artists include Gregory Little, Nancy Halbrooks, Stevie Tanner, Jan Zorman, Sarah Nolan, James Ward Peak, Charlie Shaffer, Jason Shaffer, and Ryan Craycraft.


Community Garden

FireFish Artist Board Member Josh Biber plants and maintains several pollinator gardens in downtown Lorain designed to attract birds, bees, and people. Community garden workdays will take place once a month during the summer coinciding with Main Street Lorain’s Sweep on the third Saturday of the month from May thru September.

Fire It Up! Broadway Block Parties

Held on the first Friday of the Month from May through September from 4 – 9 pm. Activities include fire performers, a special art experience, and a cash bar.

Puppet Making Workshop

Community workshops led by Ryan Craycraft and Laura Dahle with community artists create large-scale puppets that look like local flora and fauna. These puppets will lead the procession to the “Burning of the Fish” at the FireFish Festival and be on view as they are built at events in Lorain County all summer long. Workshops will be held in downtown Lorain during the Fire It Up! Broadway Block Parties.


Bob Peck Mural


Jason Molina “Ohiya” Song Mural

FireFish Artist Board Member Daisy Goddard lead a collaboration of local artists to paint song lyrics from the Jason Molina “Ohiya” song in the alley by Speak of the Devil off 5th Street. The premier of the mural launch will be on Friday, July 1st during the Fire It Up! Broadway Block Party and continue through the summer during the remaining First Friday events through the festival. This program is a part of the “Lorain: Portrait of a City” project.


David Morales Alley Show

FireFish Artist Board Member David Morales hosts a free comedy show for the community during Fire It Up! Broadway Block Party on Friday, August 5th.


Carida Cira Diaz Gallery Exhibit

FireFish Artist Board Member Carida Cira Diaz presents a curated body of paintings depicting her connection to Lorain and the reinvention of the city as well as herself. The exhibit will open on Friday, September 2nd during the Fire It Up! Broadway Block Party and stay open thru the festival. This program is a part of the “Lorain: Portrait of a City” project.

City Symphony Cinema Photography

FireFish Artist Board Member Hiatt Hernon’s debut of his short black and white “City Symphony Cinema Photography” video focusing on a day in the life of Lorain. The video premieres on Friday, September 2nd during the Fire It Up! Broadway Block Party and will stay open through the festival. This program is a part of the “Lorain: Portrait of a City” project.


Movie Night at Elmwood Cemetery

FireFish Arts will host a Halloween movie night at Elmwood cemetery. A fun family-friendly movie will show first followed by an adult-themed Halloween movie. Costumes are encouraged and fun art activities will be going on during the movies.


Digital Fabrication Workshop

FireFish Artist Board Member Carida Cira Diaz will lead a workshop focused on learning how to use the LCCC Fab Cab and Glow Forge to create holiday ornaments. The workshop will be located at LCCC City Center.