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Daisy Goddard

Daisy Goddard

Daisy Goddard


Growing up with artist parents, Daisy was surrounded by the art community from birth. This sparked her creativity and ultimately guided both her personal and professional pursuits.

From a young age, Daisy started painting, drawing and making using anything and everything around her. Her mother’s career as a makeup artist in fashion, film and TV fascinated her; The fashion magazines were in constant supply and led to her studying Textiles from ages 11-16, alongside her regular art education.

While studying film and event production at University of the Arts London, she dabbled in styling for fashion editorial and film. Quickly realizing that her strengths lay within the realm of organization and production, she landed an internship at AZ – an international branding agency. Upon graduating she was offered a full time job thus beginning her burgeoning career.

From AZ, Daisy started working for a local non-profit which engaged predominantly minority and disabled youth in arts programs. This is where she found her passion for working for underserved communities.

In 2014 Daisy became a Project Manager for art collective, Graffiti Life, which focused on hand-painted murals, installations, live events and out-of-home advertising. Not only did she foster a relationship with one of the worlds largest advertising companies she also helped develop their sister company, Allover Media.

After caring for her mother with breast cancer (which she survived!!!) Daisy decided to quit her day job and use her savings to go on a three month solo trip around America before returning to the UK to finish a quick stint at McCann Health working with GSK and Merck as a Project Manager.

Finally, after several years of freelancing, Daisy joined the Black River Innovative Artist Residence as a Board Member and Marketing Director, in 2020. Renewing her spirit and allowing her to pursue her passion to serve the local community, Daisy has found her home.