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Artists & Performers

Artists & Performers

Hotspot Glass Works

Hot Spot Glassworks LLC is a mobile glassblowing studio that provides live glassblowing demos and experiences for any occasion and virtually anywhere. Live onsite glass blowing demos for a four-hour period. Various techniques exploring solid and blown glass. Also discussing the science and history of glassmaking.


Daniel McNamara and Buoyant Heart “Burning of the FireFish”

Why do we burn a giant paper mâché fish on the waterfront in Lorain Ohio? Why do we spend almost two weeks gathering bamboo, cardboard, and pallets, collectively and meticulously designing, and crafting an ever-expanding giant fish sculpture, only to celebrate it by setting it ablaze and watching all our efforts disperse into ashes and smoke? Because all our efforts do not disperse into ash and smoke!

When we come together to build something spectacular and beautiful, we build relationships and connectivity that long outlasts the pile of ashes we clean up the day after. Every year, we demonstrate the inextinguishable abundance of creative energy that we all carry within us all the time. Showing the power we have to act collectively, and to create again and again no matter how many times we build and get knocked down, destroyed by disaster, or torched in a glorious fireball of our own design.

Every year that we build and burn the FireFish we affirm this with our joy and celebration! We will come back the next year and build an even bigger one.  We affirm that we have the power to make the world anew from any and all ashes which may consume it.  Our message is heard and felt when we parade and process to the burn circle, perform music, dance with fire, sing, and puppeteer. When we watch the FireFish burn, it transforms into a memory with a message of hope. Join us this September 17th on the waterfront in Lorain Ohio at 7:30 for the “Burning of the FireFish”!

Ross Bochnek “Nature of Reality”

The concept of “Nature of Reality” evolved totally organically.  It was intended to function as a portable environment, and literal framework for modular installations. It may be my first work designed for outdoor exhibition, is made of wood, metal fasteners, and is painted gold; the Alchemical element of our sun.

Ross Bochnek “Passing Over the Under Side”

An interactive video projection installation.  A camera turns physical motion into video feedback, with trails and other effects, concentrated where the fastest changes are detected.  Located in the liminal space under the drawbridge, it is part of the literal gateway to the festival entrance, and participants pass through the space perpendicular to the direction of travel over the bridge.  Dynamic light is projected onto the rarely observed or contemplated space of a concrete retaining wall, within the shadow of the bridge, which simultaneously functions as both a barrier to further movement, as well as part of the physical start of the other side.  This installation represents the function of change in journeys and in Nature, and the journey to the subconscious; represented in mythology as visits to The Underworld and Jung’s The Shadow Self, which he cautions against projecting onto others.

Hiatt Hernon “Erie Days – A Temporal Gallery”

Inspired by the cinematic curiosity of the 1920s ‘city symphony’ short films, Erie Days is an attempt to capture the spirit of experimentation of early cameras. Shot entirely on the latest GoPro technology with an emphasis on time-lapse photography the frames and minutes accelerating by from a stationary position—the project soon began to evoke the feeling of time displacement felt during lockdown over the last two years.

‘Erie’ is a name taken for the street I live, the lake I would see every day, and the days spent there as time would seem to go by slow and fast simultaneously. As things have restarted at different paces, these feelings have begun to drift into memory but came back working on this piece purely accidentally. Even so, the process of exploring with this video was a super enjoyable one, and I hope that is felt by viewers too.

Victor Samalot Duo

Victor Samalot is a long-time veteran guitarist from Cleveland Ohio who draws on his Latin roots fusing timeless Latin groove with Jazz styling topped with a rock edge that appeals to listeners of world fusion music. His sets consist of original music and his take on covers as well as improvisations. Victor performs year round and his original music is aired locally in Ohio and all over the world.

Victor’s solo guitar project began in 2010 after the permanent hiatus of his Jazz Rock Fusion group RARE BLEND (1995-2010), released 5 CD albums, gained rave reviews regionally and worldwide from major publications such as All About Jazz, , 20th Century Guitar magazine, Progression Magazine, and more.

Backup vocalist Bobbi Holt is a multi-instrumentalist from Cleveland Ohio. She is returning to the stage with her long-time collaborator, Victor Samalot, adding bass guitar to Victor’s organic rhythmic vibe. Prior projects include producing ambient world music under the name Mind Lab Music, providing bass tracks to Victor’s solo recordings, and was co-founder of the Jazz Rock Fusion group RARE BLEND as songwriter and keyboardist.

Anne E. DeChant Band

Anne E. DeChant is first and last a story-teller, an artist who writes with the shit-kicker urgency and sweet understanding of the people who stumble and keep keeping on.  A Nashville recording artist originally from Avon Lake, Ohio, she is a 5-time winner of Cleveland’s Singer-Songwriter of the Year, and a 2020 Kerrville Folk Festival Songwriting Competition Finalist.

DeChant has performed with Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Don Henry, Travis Meadows, and was the selected local artist at Lilith Fair (Cleveland 1999). She has delivered stand out shows in storied venues ranging from the Bluebird Café, The Bitter End, The Evening Muse, The Alabama Country Music Hall of Fame, to The Clinton White House.

Anne E. DeChant’s unmistakable voice perfectly expresses her songwriter’s perception, beginning from her days as the dynamic lead singer of Cleveland fan favorite, Odd Girl Out. With nine studio album releases to her credit, her masterfully crafted, poignant songs move the listener from one world to another with mesmerizing effect.

Anne E. released her first ‘best of’ record, “Every Little Everything” in 2020, fan funded, and Nashville produced by Mike Severs. Her 2017 fan-funded release, “The Sun Coming In”, climbed to #6 on the Roots Music Report’s national chart, and its first single “Sunday Morning Drive”, to #1.

Apostle Jones

Apostle Jones, since bursting onto the music scene of Cleveland, OH in 2018, has played almost 1,000 shows and premier music festivals including House of Blues, Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame, Burning River Fest, BriteWinter Fest and Twinsburg Blues Festival. Major Cleveland venues include the Music Box Supper Club, Beachland Ballroom, Brother’s Lounge, Grog Shop and the emerging underground clubs like Crobar and Coda.

With early roots in Chicago’s theater scene a flair for entertainment with live music has become a signature style of Apostle Jones. Even though 2020 delivered a blow to bands, venues, and live music in general, Apostle Jones has nevertheless been on an impressive upward trajectory. The release of their first EP – “Lilith” has staked out their space in Cleveland’s musical landscape. The fluid ensemble featuring Michael Haburary, Rashon Blake, Alex Zinni, Eric Levine, Charlie Wilson, Charde Young and Honey Monai are led by the dramatic, stirring vocals and presence of singer/keyboardist Mikey Silas.

The group delves into the soulful music singing about life’s experiences and good times to come. The band has recently released “4-Pins Left” with the most recent, brass version of the band and are available on all major streaming platforms.