FireFish Arts
FireFish Festival 2023

FireFish Festival 2023

The Eighth Annual FireFish Festival

FireFish Arts is pleased to announce that the Eighth Annual FireFish Festival will take place this year on Saturday, September 16th in downtown Lorain between 5th and 7th Street, on and off Broadway Avenue. Serving as the culmination and celebration of all FireFish Art’s programs in 2023, this always FREE event once again promises unique art installations, music, food, fun, fire – and the much anticipated and signature burning of the FireFish with its parade, pageantry, and performance.

This FREE annual themed festival takes place every September around the time of the full moon. With the theme of Transcending Dark and Light, artists, youth, and community members will explore the history, and engage with and interpret the duality and yin/yang nature of darkness and light.

NEW THIS YEARa youth, community, and artist-created Lantern Parade! The annual “Pied Piper-like” dusk parade is growing! This year it will feature a parade of lanterns created by youth, community members, and artists, alongside musicians, fire performers, and drummers, leading to the much anticipated Burning of the FireFish, taking place at sunset. Lantern workshops for all ages will take place throughout the summer in Lorain.

FireFish Festival Community Art Making – FireFish Finale Artist/Artistic Director Danny McNamara will arrive a week before the FireFish Festival, designing and building the FireFish with artists, youth, and community members.

FireFish Festival 2023 Map

FireFish Festival 2023 poster created by Jason Shaffer. FireFish Festival 2023 map created by Troy Dougherty.