FireFish Arts


FireFish Festival 2022

Video contributed by Richard Matos

Check out these great gallery pictures from photographer Ron Jantz!

Video shared by The Eagle Eye / Firelands Aerial

Festival Prep

Video shared by John Baumgartner

Photos shared by Rick Matos.

Festival Day

Photos shared by The Eagle Eye / Firelands Aerial

PULP: Fold, Rip, Draw, Print

Patterns of Time

The 2021 James Levin FireFish Festival Parade, Finale Ceremony, and Burning of the Fish

Building of the FireFish


2021 FireFish Festival 


Twin Flames

James Levin FireFish Festival Interview

Art goes up in flames at FireFish Festival in Lorain

Kickin It With Kenny previews Lorain`s FireFish Festival

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