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Jevon Terance

Jevon Terance

Jevon Terance


International fashion designer Jevon Terance, CEO of Jevon Terance Fashion Line is a life-long resident of Lorain.  Founded in the year 2007 by its namesake, the Jevon Terance Fashion Line has grown quickly from a passionate hobby to a recognizable brand.

Jevon became interested in designing at a young age due to his passion for sneakers.  His love for design continued to expand which developed into designing and creating clothes for men and women.

The main focus of the Jevon Terance Fashion Line is to inspire people to work at and wear what makes them happy. Fashion wise, the line is mainly focused on everyday wear, but Terance has created high fashion runway pieces expanding his design reputation.

Speaking of reputation Jevon has shown his collection in Paris fashion week, New York fashion week three times, and LA fashion week. Recently Jevon has been dressing Celebrity clients, Nattie Niedhart WWE Wrestler, Steven Caple, Boxing moving Creed 2 director, Jorge Lendeborg, a main actor in the transformers Bubble Bee movie, and NBA Allstar Chris Paul.