Luke Theall


At the age of 8, Luke’s interest in music was sparked by watching his brother’s high school marching band. He was a natural at the drums, and after years of being self taught he started receiving private lessons. Luke began to excel at the instrument performing with a wide variety of ensembles throughout junior high school and high school. His junior and senior year, Luke began learning about live audio production and studio recording. He graduated from Youngstown State University in 2012 with a BFA, majoring in Telecommunications and minoring in Jazz performance.

In August of 2012, Theall secured a job as the Technical Director of the Palace Theater in Lorain, OH. Over the next year, he began construction on what would be Broadwaves Studios in downtown Lorain. Influenced by the volunteers helping with the construction, Luke conceived the Black River Innovative Artist Residence. The “B.R.I.A.R.”, located in the same building as Broadwaves Studios, serves Greater Lorain County as a hub for arts and entertainment. The BRIAR will have 9 private art studios for rent, offer a variety of classes in music and the visual arts, house a state of the art music venue, and a multi-purpose room (a 7.1 surround sound theater enabled for audio post-production, classroom space, meeting space, community work area, & yoga studio). The BRIAR aims to get the community involved in the arts and their slogan, “P.A.T.C.H.”, says it all…Promoting Art To Create Harmony.

Luke looks forward to all the future opportunities Lorain will offer to support and revive the arts.