2019 Exhibits

Gallery 383

(In Partnership with Future Artist Lab, LCCC Campana Center for Ideation and Invention)

Brad Bailey – Watercolor paintings.

Selena Bartlett – Works are from my Mask series, photographs are digital prints

Joshua Biber – Sound Cave Installation.

Liz Burgess – Sculpture

Marsha Carrington – I refer to this body of photographs as Photo Fusions, which is a title I created for these images that I originally make and then manipulate to create the final image. The images are metaphorical in nature and based on my own fantasies, dreams, and imaginings. The painting in the exhibit is oil on canvas and also metaphorical. In much of my recent work, whether photography or painting, the use of fabric is prevalent, used to cover and uncover, or partially revealing through translucence, symbolizing different feelings and emotions.

Donna Coleman (*Jonathan Dryden) – Life sized papier mache person sitting in chair

Ryan Craycraft – Drawings

Palli Davene Davis (*Mark Holtel) – Sculpture

Amanda Hartman – 3 Assemblage Sculptures, 1 Artist Book

Michael Holubar – Repurposed Artistic Bench

Eric Jaworowski – 1st oil painting is entitled “Dance Lesson” and is about racial harmony between blacks and whites during a party. It is 20”x24”, painted in 2014, and NFS. The 2nd oil painting is entitled “The Mermaids” and is about mermaids finding a human diver underwater. It is 36” x 48”, painted in 2016, and will be for sale. The 3rd oil painting is entitled “Stop Sexual Slavery” which depicts female sex slaves in a brothel with their customers and organized criminals. It is 36”x48”, painted in 2017, and will be for sale. 50% of each of the paintings put up for sale I plan to donate to the Human Trafficking Collaborative of Lorain County. However, I have yet to contact this Collaborative to see if they would accept this donation. I will if my paintings are accepted into this show.

Dana Juliano

Greg Little (*Randall Fortin & Jonathan Dryden) – The Echos project that began in 2011. It is a multi-facited long term project that takes the form of a linear animation with sound, a live interactive experience that responds in real-time to a string trio, and a series of archival prints from still-frames. The animation Echos is a visual and kinetic interpretation of Jeffrey Mumford’s composition for string trio, in soft echoes a world awaits (2008). Mumford is a Distinguished Professor of Music at Lorain County Community College. The title Echos is from the Greek ἦχος, meaning simply “sound”.

Jeffrey Mumford (*Jaclyn Bradley Palmer) – New Classical Music Composition

Delores Oleska – Ready-made materials sculpture using found objects. Have received awards for my work and shown several times at Carrington gallery in Sandusky, Oh.

Diane Ramos – My current work appropriates Midwestern domestic practices and objects that I associate with my grandmother to speak about her decline with dementia, and subsequently, the decline of our relationship. The work I create is simplistic in form and craft, while portraying the convoluted natures of loss, memory, and homage. My work is a series of connections and interruptions; of tributes and escapes; of celebrations and liberations.

Sarah Schuster – Paintings

John Seyfried – Color photograph panorama

Ron Sheldon – This installation is a continuation of my ongoing theme, “our plastic world.” In Fire Fish 2019, I will incorporate yellow plastic as the primary color component of the plastics in this installation. The color yellow will serve as a metaphor or symbol to represent this environmental hazard. I have collected a large quantity yellow polyethylene shavings which I acquired from local gas company construction crews which are replacing the old steel pipes with these bright yellow polyethylene pipe in my neighborhood. These shavings will compose the “yellow waterfall.” There are mixed medium of plastic contents in this installation project, including dissected yellow Tidy Cats container configured in several sculptural components in this installation.

Robert Turmand – Experimental, noise, and industrial music

Susie Underwood – Dream a little Dream: Enter a dream-like environment where you will be invited to share your dreams, nightmares, fears and hopes.

Kathleen Van Meter – Collaborative installation – bombyx mori moth, silk cocoons, Romanian point lace pods

Jean Weigel – Paintings

Elizabeth Wolf

LCCC Steam Maker Academy – “STEEL YARD MEADOW” Created entirely by the 2019 LCCC Campana Center Summer STEAM Maker Academy Teens in collaboration with artist/instructor Ryan Craycraft and tech educator Alecia Gorsky, this installation reflects  the FireFish theme of pyrophytic plants. Like those plants, the  piece embodies the history and spirit of Lorain as a city forged through fire and transforming itself into the future. 

Created from recycled materials, traditional art processes and digital fabrication technologies, Steelyard Meadow embodies the creativity and innovation of the young people that are the future of Lorain County.

Gallery 453

Steyven Curry

Frank Detillio (*James Levin)

Sean Wheeler presented by Gallery Ü Cleveland

John Morris & Michael Net – John Morris makes objects from paint and other materials that are often ghosts of neglected and forgotten things. He blurs the boundaries between high and low art, precious artifacts and worthless trash, to rediscover the wonder in everyday things. Michael Net works with electronically controlled lights. He is interested in color theory, music theory, multimedia, and interactivity.

Jeff Pye

Shelle Shephard (*Emily Hoag) – Installation depicting water Goddess Erzulie – “CORDON BLEUE ” french for blue ribbon

Lorain City Schools All City Art Show Winners – Alyssa Hoffee, Mya Cordova, Jaaron Kidd

Uniontown Gallery

Bridget Ginley – My work is environmental commentary through found objects and dark imagery. I create pieces out of discarded, broken, downgraded hardware. Reuse of these object creates a new purpose and possibilities, much like our own regions’ rebirth within the rust.

The Visit: Gina Washington, Chester Hopkins-Bey, Kole Robinson Brooks, Lolita Wilson

Rashidah “Kim Ra” –

Suave Goddi –

Etan Byansi –

Founders Alley

James Lascko – The Solar Fire Lightshow is a psychedelic light show featuring many different digital effects, space scenes, stars, and swirling kaleidoscopic designs and colors. It’s an extra-sensory overload and a lush, psychedelic feast for the eyes!

Outdoor Installations

Trey Berry – Espiritu del Auga 45″ x45″ oil on canvas

Melissa Daubert – Visitors bring this quirky kinetic roaming artwork to life as they pedal the three wheeled sculpture around festival grounds! Eat your spinach before this years Festival!

JOAN OF ART – My collection of pieces are from years ago from other back burner projects to my current day job where I have collected PRE CONSUMER WASTE. ( and there is a lot of that)…. I am turning this waste into a meaningful art piece.

Falcon Eddie Cummins (*Heather Gaynor)

Jessica Freedman – UV blacklight artist, body painter

Kevin Jackson – Outdoor wall projection

Courtney Klestra – Courtney Klesta is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator specializing in intricate illustrations of flora and fauna, detailed graphics, and brand identity.

Bob McNulty & Jerry Schmidt

Amanda Nyx – Modern Shinto: This collection fuses traditional Japanese spiritual traditions with modern technology to create a sense of serenity. The Torii gateway, used to define sacred space, announces that the guest is entering an area of “otherness”, where spirits reside and spiritual connections can be felt. Colorful lanterns create swirls of color mimicking rainbows, while the pavilion offers an intimate respite for reflection.

Chris Seibert – Solo artist Chris Seibert seduces willing audience members to share in stories of love and loss, magic and origins.