Programming Highlights

The FireFish Festival launches on Friday with an exciting evening of music and art featuring the high energy acoustic dance band SoundEVR, hip hop band Undisputed Funk, and the headliner, reggae band Carlos Jones and the PLUS Band. The visual arts feast will range from billowing sails adorning Broadway Avenue in   Regatta by Andrew Kaletta to Tornado an interactive sculpture by Melissa Daubert and SelfSpace a series of colorful meditation tents installed by acclaimed light and installation artist Lindsay Steffan. Visitors can join the party, dancing to the music from the Morning Journal Main Stage, and visit the vacant storefronts transformed into vibrant art spaces along Broadway.

Visitors can return on Saturday for non-stop family fun sponsored by Horizon Education Centers and United Way of Greater Lorain County with music, dance, theatre, and art for young people at the Spectrum School and Resource Center; or more adult fare at the galleries on Broadway from 4th to 5th street, stages set up on Broadway, behind the former bank at 4th and Broadway and various alleys, fire escapes and nooks and crannies.

Other FireFish Festival programming highlights include:


Visual Arts and Installations— In addition to Andrew Kaletta , Melissa Daubert and Lindsay Steffan’s works, the FireFish Festival features works by the following visual artists:

  • Dramatic outdoor installations including Marie Rose Andriati’s Altar at the site of the Burning of the Fish, Ann Bort and LCCC Steam Academy’s Illumination, Steve Manka’s Fiery Fish Hook, Laszlo Gyorki’sUpended, Tekikki Walker’s All That Hair on the Head, What About the Body Though?, and Jared Bendis’ The Treasure of the Wumpus in the Azimith Cave (Returns!).
  • Indoor Installations including Paula Blackman’s Floating in August, Ron Shelton’s Our Plastic World, Steve Guitierrez’ Two Degrees, Molly Jones’ Video Collage No. 5, Frank Detillio’s Colorfield, and Cindy Penter’s “Loops” featuring projections onto Bhutto artist Hope Schultz.
  • Other featured visual artists include Hector Castellanos-Lara, Dennis Jackson, Magdalena Cruz (mandala type sand art), Carmello Alvarez, Robertino Torres, Enrique Mendez, Carl Wade, Sheela Das, Michael Net, Jeffry Chiplis, Shelle Shepherd. R. Joseph Culley, Courtney Klesta, Brittany Lovett, Reuben Nodal, as well as artists from the Harrison Cultural Center and Lorain County Juvenile Detention Center.