Joan Perch

Interim Director

What I love best about the FireFish Festival is the pure delight of working with artists and creatives, then getting to see the transformation of downtown Lorain, and how that is all reflected in the energy of the fabulous processional and FireFish burn!


Candice Ruckman Pettigrew

Operations & Administration

I love FireFish because it brings the community together and offers a unique experience for Lorain citizens.  My personal moment of gratification came at the burning this past festival, when a crowd of a thousand people began to cheer in unity: Burn the Fish! Burn the Fish! I still get chills thinking about it.


Ryan Craycraft

Community Arts Manager

I really love that Firefish empowers local artists by giving them the tools and resources they need to make positive changes within their community. This lifts the city of Lorain emotionally and economically to create a brighter future. 

Ryan Corrigan

Graphic & Web Designer

What I love most about FireFish is the relationship it allows me to have with the arts community. FireFish allows me to be creative and brings a whole new energy to my life.