Candice Pettigrew

Operations & Administration

I love FireFish because it brings the community together and offers a unique experience for Lorain citizens.  My personal moment of gratification came at the burning this past festival, when a crowd of a thousand people began to cheer in unity: Burn the Fish! Burn the Fish! I still get chills thinking about it.

Andrew Kaletta

Visual Arts Coordinator

Firefish truly brings the pulse back to The city of Lorain with a genuine sense of fun and fire. Ideas in art are explored in a way that is inclusive for the viewers and participants. 

Daniel McNamara

Burning Coordinator

I love Firefish because the cathartic power of accessible community spectacle can be clearly seen fostering cultural engagement and expanding the social imaginary.

Ryan Corrigan

Marketing Coordinator

What I love most about FireFish is the excitement that takes place at the time of the parade. The feeling of community that is brought out during this festival through art, music, fire and dance is unreal!


Joan Perch

STEAM Liaison

What I love best about the FireFish Festival is the pure delight of working with artists and creatives, then getting to see the transformation of downtown Lorain, and how that is all reflected in the energy of the fabulous processional and FireFish burn!

Matt Barratt

Volunteer Coordinator

FireFish is what art is supposed to do: bring us together, give us something to think about, and give us all hope for ourselves and our community.


Rick Fortney

Performance Coordinator


Sandi Domain

Sponsorship Coordinator


James Levin

Director Emeritus

With FireFish Festival, we dare to imagine what downtown Lorain could be.


Chuck Karnak

Production Coordinator

Cool art, hip music, out of the box thinking. What’s not to love about FireFish?

Paul Biber

Community Engagement | Operations

I like FireFish because it provides an opportunity to celebrate and showcase the potential of downtown Lorain via a high quality, one of a kind arts and fire festival.