Sunset Procession

The Climactic Festival Parade and Burning of the Fish

All festival-goers can be participants in the dazzling Sunset Procession with percussion, fire performers and belly dancers leading to the burning of the fish, which has become a festival ritual. Both Friday night and all day Saturday leading up to the parade at 7:30 pm, the public is invited to bring photos, letters, notes, paper crafts, anything hand-held and fire-friendly, to be attached to the fish and included in the culminating burning spectacle. Paper and writing materials will also be available if attendees want to spontaneously contribute. According to featured artist and world renown puppeteer Daniel McNamara, who will be creating the fish and directing the pageantry surrounding the burning of the fish, “We burn a work of art in order to stimulate rebirth.  We release old ideas, patterns, afflictions, bad habits, and anything unneeded into a collective fire in order to make space for a fresh start.” The 30-foot fish will be made, according to McNamara, from the waste products of our society – cornstarch and separated cardboard, discarded latex paint, bamboo gleaned from wild groves and the hard labor of an artist and surrounding community striving to positively impact the world.   The parade will lead into a large, inclusive outdoor spectacle which will incorporate many artists from the FireFish festival line-up as well as Fire and Light Performing Arts fire performers. After the twenty minute performance, Ohio Burn Unit, led by Schuyler White, will execute a world-class pyrotechnics show which will climax with the ignition of the Fish sculpture.  The blaze will progress into an on-site bonfire which will burn into the night as a dance party ensues and refreshments are served. It will be a not-to-be-missed unique collective spectacle!