FireFish Arts
Programs & Events 2024

Programs & Events 2024

Maker In Residence at Lorain Public Library

FireFish Artist Maia Arabuli will be the Maker In Residence at Lorain Public Library’s Domonkas Branch from June to August with open studio hours every week and six workshops.

Maker Mondays

First Monday of the month at the Church of the Redeemer from 6 to 8 pm.

Festival Art Workshops

Help us make art for the FireFish on Wednesdays in August through September at the Church of the Redeemer from 6 to 8 pm.

Fire It Up! Fridays/ The Alley Project

Get ready to ignite your weekend with the Fire It Up! Friday Alley Parties! Held on the First Friday of the month June through September from 5 – 9 pm in downtown Lorain in the Art Alley off 5th Street and Broadway. Each event will feature fire performances, visual art, comedy, live music, a pop-up art market, and performances – including those by local talent and community youth. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience Lorain’s vibrant art scene and celebrate the city’s creativity and resilience.

Art Maker on the Move

The “Art Maker on the Move” exhibition features artwork utilizing modern technologies. LCCC Campana Center Future Artist Lab works to connect art + technology. The “Art Maker on the Move” exhibit takes the mobile Fab Cab to artists and provides exhibition opportunities. FireFish Arts SPARKS! STEAM apprentices trained with artists to create a giant “quilt” learning the digital fabrication art-making process. These skills will be used throughout the SPARKS! STEAM program.

The exhibit has grown to showcase the reach of the Ohio Arts Council investment in the community in ways that celebrate the arts, artists, STEAM education, and the impact of all our shared resources and work together.  This exhibit includes Lorain County Community College’s Gregory Little, Oberlin College’s Abby Aresty, Cleveland Institute of Art’s Matthew Hollern, and FireFish Arts Joan Perch.

South Lorain Choices Neighborhood Placemaking Initiative

“Imagine Lorain” is a 20′ x 10′ canvas, fabric, and painted mixed media mural that was inspired by the City of Lorain/Lorain Metropolitan Housing HUD CHOICES neighborhood project to reimagine the Southside Gardens area of South Lorain. The collaborative work of art was first featured at a neighborhood event in South Lorain last October, where residents were invited to think about and share the things that they would like to see in their neighborhood in partnership with the Southside Gateway Community Plan.

The left side of the mural was designed and created by local artists to reflect the diversity of South Lorain and the rich cultural mix of the city. A large question mark on the right side of the mural was intended to spark conversation and invite responses to what the future could bring and look like in that neighborhood. The art was displayed on a shipping container, intended to show how small spaces and the arts can be effective in neighborhood redevelopment and placemaking.

The mural was completed by local Lorain youth from the ACES program as part of the FireFish Arts SPARKS! STEAM enrichment project. Working alongside the participating artists, these teens explored the diversity of their community and the assets and institutions that they see as community strengths.

One of our goals was to connect artists and youth in art and STEAM project as we looked at all the ways lives and communities can be transformed through the power of the arts. This mural was then on view as a storefront art installation at 544 Broadway Avenue, Lorain. It was a terrific opportunity for the community to discuss and reflect on the impact they can have on their community through volunteering and creative placemaking.

Downtown Lorain Arts and History Culture Trail

The Downtown Lorain Arts and Culture History Trail project is in partnership with the Lorain Historical Society. The project involves creating a walking/biking trail that invites exploration and discovery of the rich arts, cultural and historic traditions, and assets of downtown Lorain. The City’s history of resilience and transformation in the face of challenges will be a key theme, in alignment with the Lorain Tornado Centennial taking place this year.

The trail will connect Lorain Historical Society, the Art Alley, Broadway, and the waterfront: Black River Landing, the Mile Long Pier, and Lakeview Beach. Locations will be marked with art amenities and public art that tell the story of each site, including sites hit by the Tornado of 1924 at the Lakeview Beach and Broadway Avenue locations.

Additionally, two large banners will be created and affixed to the Lorain Historical Society building. This will serve both as an astonishing location marker and represent Lorain’s distinct cultural community in an exciting way that heightens the appeal of the LHS programs and services.

Main Street Lorain Collaboration

FireFish Arts is proud to announce that it has been nominated for the Healthy Places Grant in partnership with Main Street Lorain. Once awarded, FireFish Arts will create a piece of public art collaborating with a dedicated committee to facilitate the project. The grant opportunity is a testament to FireFish Arts’ commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Currently, no formal or informal process incorporates the arts into civic and infrastructure planning processes, and this has been identified as a need by city and community leaders. The community-led work of FireFish Arts will facilitate this by modeling a process through the grant opportunity that can be replicated.

The Healthy Places Grant is a wonderful opportunity for FireFish Arts to showcase its creativity and innovation. FireFish Arts is committed to creating public art that is sustainable, innovative, and community-driven. The grant opportunity is a testament to FireFish Arts’ commitment to sustainability and innovation.