FireFish Events Ignite the Senses!
FireFish Events Ignite the Senses!

FireFish Events Ignite the Senses!

Artisans, Performers, Advocates, & Culinary Masters

Join us!

The FireFish Festival, Lorain’s premier cultural event, is calling all artisans, performers, and culinary creators to join the summer’s hottest celebrations of creativity and community spirit. This year, we are igniting the streets with our Fire It Up! Friday Alley Parties and the grand FireFish Festival, transforming downtown Lorain into a vibrant stage of arts, flavors, and performances.

Nonprofits if you are passionate about engaging the community, we invite you to interact with our youth and families through art activities and share your mission — for FREE!

Fire It Up! Fridays

Where: The Art Alley (between 5th & 6th Street)

When: The first Friday of each summer month (June 7, July 5, August 2, September 6)

Vendors: Complimentary for artists showcasing and selling their art and handcrafted items and limited to one food vendor per event.

Performers: One spot is open for a musical act and one spot for an entertainment act at each event.

Time: 5 PM to 9 PM (Set up from 3 PM)

What: A 10-foot space for artists to display and sell their creations

Crowd: A delightful gathering of around 300 art enthusiasts

FireFish Festival Saturday, September 21st

Vendors: $35 for artists. $200 for full menu food vendor, $100 for single menu food vendor

Performers: Multiple spots are available throughout the day.

Locale: The heart of downtown Lorain

Booth Info: A spacious 10’ x 10’ display area. Food vendors can request a larger area. 

Visitors: Over 3,000 festival-goers

About the FireFish Festival

This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, September 21st in downtown Lorain, between 5th and 7th Street, on and off Broadway Avenue, and in the Art Alley. The festival is the culmination of the FireFish Arts 2024 Programs and will bring together local youth, community, and artists through the formation of public and youth-created art.

The festival will feature a Community Lantern Parade, where cosmic-themed creations will be paraded and performed as a prelude to the huge fire, pyrotechnic, and art performance of the iconic FireFish Finale Celebration. The festival will transform downtown Lorain into an arts experience filled with immersive performances and eye-catching exhibits. Artisans and food vendors will line Broadway and the Art Alley during the day and live, hot, vibrant music and art will fill the street and alley after dark.

Apply Now

Spots are limited! Do not miss your chance to be part of the FireFish Festival and Fire It Up! Friday Alley Parties. Submit your application today and join us in making this summer unforgettable!