FireFish Arts
FireFish Festival 2024

FireFish Festival 2024

FireFish Festival 2024

FireFish Festival

Transformation Without and Within

Saturday, September 21st, Downtown Lorain

This year’s festival will be held on Saturday, September 21st in downtown Lorain, between 5th and 7th Street, on and off-Broadway Avenue, and in the Art Alley. The festival is the culmination of the FireFish Arts 2024 Programs and brings together local youth, community, and artists through the formation of public and youth-created art.

The Second Annual Community Lantern Parade

Cosmic-themed creations will be paraded and performed as a prelude to the huge fire, pyrotechnic, and art performance of the iconic FireFish Finale Celebration. The festival will transform downtown Lorain into an arts experience filled with immersive performances and eye-catching exhibits. Artisans and food vendors will line Broadway and the Art Alley during the day and live, hot, vibrant music and art will fill the street and alley after dark.

The Downtown Lorain Arts and Cultural History Trail

In partnership with the Lorain Historical Society and other downtown stakeholders, this project will ultimately create a walking/biking trail that invites exploration and discovery of the rich arts, cultural and historic traditions, and assets of downtown Lorain.

The City’s history of resilience and transformation in the face of challenges will be a key theme as we develop the first segment of this bigger project, in collaboration with the Lorain Tornado Centennial taking place this year.

Locations will be marked with art amenities and public art that tell the story of each site, including sites hit by the Tornado of 1924 at the Lakeview Beach and Broadway Avenue locations.

The New Ignitor FireFish

Last summer, the burning of Canadian smoke and fumes led FireFish Arts to re-examine the environmental impact of the “Burning of the FireFish”. The organization pivoted to create a fish “skeleton” of reusable steel and thin paper, wick-lit for a quick, fast, burn. This year, FireFish Arts is taking it a step further by adding a safe propane system as we enlarge and enhance this new frame.

Do not miss this year’s FireFish Festival! Come and experience the magic of Lorain’s art scene and celebrate the city’s creativity and resilience.