Patterns of Time
Patterns of Time

Patterns of Time

FireFish Arts “Patterns of Time” quilts together Lorain’s culture in a large-scale kaleidoscopic art projection.

Patterns Of Time

FireFish Arts is pleased to present “Patterns of Time”, a visually exciting interactive outdoor digital projection by Visionary and New Media Artist Ross Bochnek. Inspired by the garments featured annually in Lorain’s International Festival, this large-scale public kaleidoscopic event visually “quilts” together the many cultural and ethnic groups of Lorain in a large-scale art projection on the corner of Broadway Avenue and 7th Street. Using visuals inspired by both textiles and the contributions of diversity to the community, “Patterns of Time” creates a dancing digital fabric stitched and woven together into a geometric transformation. Creating an almost dizzying incandescence, “Patterns of Time” reflects on both the past and the future of Lorain’s International City. The projection includes 1970’s era photos of the parade’s traditional clothing, people, and downtown Lorain, all scanned from the archives of the Lorain Historical Society.

Kaitlyn Donaldson, the Curator of the Lorain Historical Society says “The Lorain Historical Society is happy to collaborate with FireFish Arts this year by sharing photographs of textiles from the collection as well as photos of the Lorain International Festival from the John Milas Collection. We are excited for new and creative ways for the community to experience Lorain’s history.”

“Patterns of Time” will be on view after dark on the corner of 7th Street and Broadway for three weekends in February. It will open on Saturday, February 12th at 6 pm with an interactive opportunity for the community to participate in creating the final video that will be screened on subsequent days. Viewers will be able to control the digital kaleidoscope under the direction of Bochnek as it is being screened on the side of a 5-story building.

The resulting video installation will be projected from the windows of the BRIAR (Black River Innovative Artist Residence) on the following two weekends, from 6 – 9 pm, and can be viewed from Broadway Ave and 7th Street. “We are excited to be a part of the growing arts community in downtown, and to be partnering with Ross Bochnek to bring this innovative and interactive project to Lorain,” says BRIAR Board Member and FireFish Artist Board Member Daisy Goddard.

“Patterns of Time” launches the 2022 FireFish Art schedule, which culminates in the annual FireFish Festival, to be held this year on September 17th.  Renowned for that iconic event and “the burning of the Fish,” FireFish Arts has grown to include a diverse range of year-round arts programs and events that feature Lorain, regional, and national artists. The organization will release the 2022 program calendar in February.  More information on FireFish Arts programs can be found on the website at

Images included in “Patterns of Time” are from the Lorain International Festival photographs in the John Milas Collection courtesy of Lorain Historical Society and